Vulcan pop songs (Beatles tunes)

ki*fai-tor Selek wuh*wak
Shiyau thol'es k'thorai ri k'ahm
Vulcan Pop Song #197: Diurnal Stumbler
Vulcan Pop Song #198: Representative of the Internal Revenue Service
Vulcan Pop Song #254: Pleasant Day Visible Solar Radiant Energy
Vulcan Pop Song #489: Return From Whence You Had Previously Departed
Vulcan pop song # 24: "An Obdurate Planetary Rotation's Nocturnal Period"
Vulcan pop song # 31: "The Lengthy and Convoluted Thoroughfare"
Vulcan pop song # 33: "Contort and Yell."
Vulcan pop song # 35: "Pilot My Surface Vehicle"
Vulcan pop song # 43: "During the Time Period That My Six-Stringed Instrument Carefully Expresses the Emotion of Grief"
Vulcan pop song # 49: "Leave It as You Found It"
Vulcan pop song # 53: "I Desire to Clutch the Terminal Portion of Your Arm"
Vulcan pop song # 7 : "Lucille in the Atmosphere with Compressed Carbon"
Vulcan pop song # 71: "Lemon-hued Submersible Vehicle" (A favorite of Spock's)
Vulcan pop song # 77: "I pass around with some assistance from my acquaintances"
Vulcan pop song # 80: "Assistance! (I require the presence of another living being) "
Vulcan pop song # 97: "Author of Soft-Covered Literary Material"
Vulcan pop song # 98: "Non-Commissioned Officer Pepper's Solitary Coronary Association Musical Ensemble"
********************************* THE END ******************************

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